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tHe FaR bE iTs Release Debut Single (Sort Of)

tHe FaR bE iTs have released their debut digital single “The Strange Case Of Dr. Head And Mr. Hyde” b/w “Broken Ballerina” on bandcamp, Spotify and all that other streaming stuff! Hmmmm, you say. Something sounds strangely familiar about those titles.

Well, they should, if you are any kind of a Northwest musicologist. Both titles appear on Popllama PL2CD-4994. Red Dress, The Collection, a very fine album which is out of print but can still be found on Discogs. Both songs are written by Bill Bagley.  Wot????

The Scoop. tHe FaR bE iTs are Bill Bagley and Gary Minkler. Gary and Bill from Red Dress. This single is a reworking of those very two recordings, with tracks added and tracks subtracted. If you want to know exactly which ones are different, you’d best talk to Bill or Gary. At any rate, they are just the same as before and completely different. Or as musicians like to say, better! And totally hip.

There is serious discussion of putting this out on a 7′ vinyl single because Gary loves them and he loves you and knows you life will be better with one. It has not gone out to press yet so for now just do the digital groove thang.

The theory is that this is the beginning of tHe FaR bE iTs debut album, which will be out as soon as it is ready. And we will let you know when it is ready of course.

It is also worth noting that Gary has recently recorded some very fine new solo (without Bill I’m fairly sure) songs that are making their very leisurely way toward some sort of release. And in case you don’t have Gary’s Little Trailer Ruby album we released a few years ago, I recommend you buy it this moment. Right here:



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