THE LIFE Named Best New Band of 1987/Follow Up Album in 2012!

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January 1, 2012

THE LIFE Named Best New Band of 1987!

GMR Releases Follow Up Album in 2012!

The Life - Alone deluxe edition

Green Monkey Records is smugly pleased to announce the release of the 25th Anniversary 2 CD Deluxe Edition of Alone, the debut album of The Life. The Life was named best new Northwest band of 1987, based in part on the strength of this GMR release. The new edition has been remastered from the original analog tapes and includes their 17 song second album, Witness the Will, recorded prior to their break up and never before released.

A new video has been created for the track Freedom is …, using live footage shot in 1989 at the Backstage in Ballard. For partisans buying direct from Green Monkey, the video is available as a free download as well as is an additional unreleased download track, “Sleep Without the Sound” during January only.

Some of you are no doubt asking – who’s that? It’s like this. The Life were named best new Northwest band in 1987 by the Northwest Area Music Association (NAMA). They were not grunge. They were 100% Seattle rock. Great songs. Great singer. Freakazoid monster guitar player. They went into the studio to record their second album and did what lots of bands have done – they broke up. They joined the cultural dustbin of Seattle music history.

The Life was Jimm McIver (vocal and guitar), Tony Bortko (The Guitar – R.I.P.),TonyCasey Allen (bass), and Eric Lichter (drums). Tony was an original member of Seattle proto metal band TKO. Eric is currently a member of The Green Pajamas and has released a solo album Palm Wine Sunday Blue (2002). Jimm McIver has released 2 solo discs, Polaroid Angel(2002) and Sweet Petunia Modern and the Holograms of Düm (2006).Eric and Jimm also perform as Picture Day, who released Wild Aim in 2010.

Available from Burnside Dist, CDbaby and direct from Green Monkey Records.

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