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The True Olympians update.

Last February Tom Dyer & The True Olympian’s played their Groundhogs Day Spectacular at Octapas in Oly. Shortly after, our friend Tom Shoblom was replaced in the drummer’s seat by the legendary Sally Barry. Rehearsals for recording the Olympia album began. After 3 rehearsals, coronavirus began. Rehearsals stopped.

At that point about a dozen songs were written. I focused on writing the rest of the songs – there are now 30. There could be a couple more written yet, but this may be it.

1. Olympia 2. People of the Water 3. Bucketful of Weird (TESC) 4. Love Rock Revolution 5. Mossybottom Records 6. It’s The Capitol 7. Little Hollywood 8. It’s Mud 9. I Was An Oly Bear 10. Grandma Caught The Shark 11. The Land and The Water 12. The Null Set 13. Bordeaux 14. It Rained 15. Clammin’ 16. Margaret McKinney 17. It’s Still Pretty White 18. Runaway Train 19. Gronk! (If You Love Dinosaur) 20. A Deadly Wind 21. Olympia Oysters 22. Mima Mounds 23. William Winlock Miller 24. Let’s Have a Parade 25. The Founders 26. Joseph Wohleb 27. Empty Buildings 28. Activist (Rachel Corie) 29. Beertown 30. Olympia My Home.

A couple of these songs like “Bordeaux” and “Joseph Wohleb” were inspired by David Scherer Water’s charming little book Olympia. The director at the Thurston County Historical Society was super kind to send me a digital article on Margarette McKinney – the printed copy rested just out of reach inside the closed museum. Research. Names and dates. An album with a bibliography.

It became clear that we would not be rehearsing anytime soon, so I started thinking about how I might record this album while not getting nasty germs of death on each other. The plan I came up with is to set each band member up with a Pro Tools system and engineer their sessions at their house while sitting in my studio far away. What a pain in the ass to get all that set up, as I am basically the so-so tech for all four systems, but we are finally ready to launch this week. Along the way it became clear this remote approach was not going work for Sally out in Aberdeen and I talked to Green Pajama and occasional collaborator Scott Vanderpool, who said he would give it a bash. After a couple trips to Seattle to get things all installed and working, I realized well-intentioned but uber-busy-radio-man Scott was not going to be able to squeeze us in.

The other day I noticed a FB post from Michael Stein, owner of Chuckie Boy Records and drummer for several fine bands like The Accident (’79 single – “Kill The Bee Gees”) and Olympia resident! The call was made and Michael came on board. A working Pro Tools system is now miced up to his drum set and we will start recording this week.

My plan is to make this a boxed set with a nice booklet, hopefully as fancy as Tye Menser’s Oly Mountain Boys Boxed CD White Horse, so if you have great Oly art or stories – think about sending them my way.

More to follow.  td

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