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New Chemistry Set video for “Fields”

In 1988, anticipating a 2019 album release, GMR Senior Vice-President Howie Wahlen, shot video of Chemistry Set live at the Backstage Tavern in Ballard. 2019 came and The Incomplete Fabulous Stinking Works of Chemistry Set were indeed released. He has now edited a second video for their album, this time “Fields”, showing the vigorous and disdainful penchant of youth – marvelous. Enjoy!

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True Olympians & Rendition to Rock Groundhogs!

Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 9 PM – 11:30 PM Octapas Cafe 414 E 4th Ave., Olympia, Washington 98501 Groundhogs Day!?! The True Olympians will bring a full set of masterful racket from their Green Monkey Records album "12 New Recordings", plus the public debut of several brand spanky new songs from the upcoming concept album "Olympia". The Olympians will be joined by Rendition, who released their excellent GMR debut [...]

“Beneath The Moon” – More Press From Argentina

Although in this 2019 I heard at least two hundred albums for the first time, I did not hear many that have come out this year. I’m sure not even ten or fifteen. It was a very strange year. In Argentina almost nothing was published, not even records of people whose works had local versions since the last ten or twenty years (Neil Young, for example). Nowadays my friends and [...]

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The Brain Wizard Returns.

Brain Wizard has a new digital single, Three Songs That Forever Changed The World. Nothing but the best ones and zeros. It is a split single with The Purdins, with whom the Brain Wizard has a long and personal history. It features a re-working of The Purdins classic "Let's Be Friends," plus the lovely "Good Day" and the tragic "Santa's Other Suicide." It has four pieces of cover art for three songs... But hey, [...]

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Olympia Record Label Sale This Saturday 1-4:00

Hey gang! I'll have some sweet deals for ya!   TD Olympia Label Fair! On Saturday December 7 2019 K Records is sponsoring a Local Record Label Fair featuring mass groovy record labels from all across town including Bumpety, Jokers Got a Posse, Perennial, Green Monkey, Adult Fantasy, Reflective Tapes, Stucco and then maybe some others, too. Swing by 119 1/2 Capitol Way N., top floor room 2, on Saturday [...]

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True Olympians to Make Spud Goodman Show Debut

Tom Dyer and The True Olympians will make their first ever appearance on the Spud Goodman show this Thursday at 8:00 pm. Given the date and their bounty of Christmas songs, holiday songs shall be played. The show can be heard live on Channel 1.  It's re run there Sat at 11:00 pm before airing on KKNW 1150 am at 4:oopm in Seattle and of course streamed later at [...]

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True Olympians featured on Ball Of Wax #58

The True Olympians are on Ball of Wax the Audio Quarterly #58, with "(I'm A) Lonely Little Christmas Tree" and we will be playing the release show at Conner Byrne in Seattle on Saturday NOVEMBER 30 at 9:00 pm. We are first up! In a write-up about about our track these very kind words were said. Ball of Wax 58 Songs: Tom Dyer and the True Olympians – “(I’m a) [...]

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Tom Dyer & True Olympians to Make Seattle Debut!

The True Olympians will be making their Seattle debut at Conner Byrne, 5140 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, for the release on the latest Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly. It is a holiday special and they will be playing all four of their jolly Christmas songs, plus other rowdy favorites. They will start at 9:00 sharp so you don’t have to stay up late to rock. The Olympians are only playing [...]

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Green Monkey Releases Richard Peterson Catalog!

Green Monkey is most pleased to announce we are in the process of making the long out of print Richard Peterson catalog available to the world! Following up on the release of Seven, we have made 4 earlier albums available on our GMR bandcamp site and will be working on getting his first two albums available as well shortly. The bandcamp releases include full cover scans so you can read [...]

Richard Peterson Gets Great Review!

Richard's SEVEN  gets a thoughtful and excellent review! Renaissance man: Richard Peterson’s ‘Seven’  November 1, 2019 Gillian G. Gaar There’s no two ways about it: Richard Peterson is a bonafide Seattle institution. Maybe you’ve seen him outside the sporting arenas on game day, playing his trumpet for spare change, in the finest tradition of busking. He released his first single, “Want to Be in the States”/“Let’s Take a Trip to Spokane,” [...]

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Some Green Monkey History for Ye.

Dennis White has put together an extensive GMR travelogue for the interested: EVERYTHING’S GONE GREEN  Tom Dyer & Green Monkey Records Be forewarned this is only part one - the Green Pajamas are Part 2!! Dennis writes the occasional NW music history column for Jive Time Records and GMR is delighted to be included.   "It’s September 15, 2019. I’m on the phone with Tom Dyer from his home in [...]

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Toiling Midgets Get Love

Toiling Midgets: Sea of Tranquility (Green Monkey/digital outlets) Graham Reid  |  Oct 14, 2019  |   1 min read It has been about 15 years since we sat on the back deck of the Seattle home of musician Jeff Kelly and his artist wife Susanne.But we've never forgotten their hospitality . . . and the regular albums by Kelly and/or his band Green Pajamas (new or reissues) from the local label Green Monkey have just kept arriving. [...]

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Sweet Chemistry Set Review!

All told, an excellent artifact from “the other Seattle sound of the ‘80s”. CHEMISTRY SET – THE INCOMPLETE FABULOUS STINKING 2xCD on Green Monkey Great Scott(s), it’s Chemistry Set! Not THE Chemistry Set, the prolific John Peel-championed cult neo-psych British quartet. In fact, these Pacific Northwesterners only released an EP and single in their brief mid-‘80s lifetime. No, if this Chemistry Set is remembered at all, it’s for ‘Underground’, their stonking [...]

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Mr. Kelly Gets another fine review!

Jeff Kelly - Beneath the Stars, Above the River (Green Monkey) 16 October 2019 by Michael Toland It’s not unusual for an artist of any kind to be influenced by places: their beauty, their culture, their overall state of being. So it is with Beneath the Stars, Above the River, the eighth solo album from Green Pajamas leader Jeff Kelly. Inspired by his travels in Spain and Portugal, the album mixes fado and flamenco into [...]

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Sally Barry Review – “Calm Elegance”

SALLY BARRY – RENDITIONS (CD on Green Monkey) While they may stem from a punk, noise and metal background, former Honeymoon Killers’ drummer Barry and guitarists Mark Brunke and Ruth Davidson (who doubles on cello embellishment) bring a calm elegance to these nearly two dozen tracks, which Brunke originally composed between 20 and 35 years ago. ‘Sunbleached’ suits rainy day navelgazing, with Barry’s measured vocals weaving languorous smoke rings around Davidson’s cello [...]

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WRI-ETTE Show Tomorrow – Comp Available Now!!

Green Monkey is releasing a 100% super-good download-only compilation album WRI-ETTE as well as co-sponsoring the WRI-ETTE Show for Women's Rights tomorrow night at Black Lab Gallery at 1618 Hewitt Ave in Everett. Wri-ette is a Pop-up Art show, a live music show PLUS a music compilation to benefit Planned Parenthood! Art viewing starts at 7:00 - Music starts at 8:30. Zelda Starfire, Christa Porter, Killinsworth, Her etc and Lady [...]

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More Jeff Kelly/Green Pajamas Vinyl Available Now!

We have new Jeff/PJs vinyl available at our GMR bandcamp site - The Green Pajamas - Poison In The Russian Room, Jeff Kelly - Beneath The Stars, Above the River and a couple copies of A Spoonful of Sugarbush, a comp with an unreleased Pajamas track, "Copper Eyed." So much beauty!

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