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Green Pajamas’ Phantom Lake Out On Vinyl!

We have some lovely Oxblood Red and None-More-Black vinyl double LPs for The Green Pajama's Phantom Lake: Northern Gothic 3 (with 5 bonus tracks) - released by our Greek pals at Sound-Effects Records on a very limited basis. We have a few for sale on ye olde GMR bandcamp site, so if you want one don't delay - download available for modernists!

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Chemistry Set Review!

Chemistry Set- THE INCOMPLETE FABULOUS STINKING (GREEN MONKEY) I’ve got an old 7” by this longtime/old school Seattle band and I knew they’d released other stuff but never full dug in. I like what I’d heard an here the Green Monkey label has released a double cd which I’m guessing is everything the band ever recorded (an EP, a single and some comps tracks, etc).  I’d always lumped these guys [...]

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Another fine review for 1+1 = ?

Another darn TD Review: "idiosyncratic but this is appealingly odd and engaging." Graham Reid     Tom Dyer: 1+1=? (Green Monkey) by Graham Reid The Green Monkey label boss Tom Dyer continues on his idiosyncratic way (an album a year in the past decade), this time taking a sideways a step away from left-field rock/pop and into what are nominally “duets” . . . although he sings everything and the other party [...]

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Dyer “1+1” Review in Expose’!

"1+1=? is an intriguing curiosity, a vision of pop-rock music viewed through a kaleidoscope of warped mirrors and unpredictably shifting angles, and a lot of fun to boot." Tom Dyer — 1 + 1 = ? (Green Monkey GM1055, 2019, CD / DL) by Jon Davis, Published 2019-08-30       Tom Dyer is something of a musical institution in the Pacific Northwest, having been involved in a variety of endeavors since [...]

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Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ 1+1 Review Dudes!

"If you like your duets albums off the planet and out there some this is the album for you". Well of course we do! Our Rating:           This is the latest album by Green Monkey Records head honcho Tom Dyer and this time it's an album of collaborations with other artistes on the label and favored friends that I should have reviewed at least a month ago, but well since [...]

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Mark Brunke Directs New Tom Dyer Video

Tom Dyer has released a third video for from his 1+1 = ? album: "Barbra." The song (named for Ms. Streisand but is not about her) is a collaboration between TD and Mark Brunke.  Mr. Brunke directed the video and states the following: The film is made up of outtakes used in films shot on various kinds of Super 8 film. The film is made up of black and white, [...]

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Excellent Kelly Review!

  Jeff Kelly's latest solo album was written about his travels through Spain and Portugal in 2017 and 2018 which is something this reviewer has also done, but rather than going in spring like Jeff did I went in October and found this album does a good job of evoking those feeling and would sound perfect if listened to on headphones while sitting on the train from Gran Via in [...]

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Tom Dyer Releases New Video For “1+1 = ?”

Tom Dyer has released a new video for "Seven Times Is Love" from his 1+1 = ? album. The video features the paintings of Vicki Dyer, Susanne Kelly and Mark Brunke. Music lovers should be forewarned - one viewer gushed "the video made me a little seasick." Dr. Dyer currently has plans for at least three additional videos from the album.

Toiling Midgets Have New Single and Video!

Toiling Midgets are releasing their first digital single/video on GMR, “Arachnid”, from their upcoming LP, Sea of Tranquility. “Arachnid" is a dense guitar instrumental, reflective of much of their experimental, psych/prog/jazz/punk/post-punk/noise rock work over their 40 year history.  It is largely the work of the two main surviving group members, Craig Gray and Seattle-native Paul Hood. The single is being released in advance of their July/August tour dates in Germany [...]

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Great Jeff Kelly Review!

"Kelly’s latest love letter is another jewel in an ever-expanding and consistently brilliant discography." JEFF KELLY - BENEATH THE STARS, ABOVE THE RIVER (CD on Green Monkey) The Green Pajamas’ front man returns with another solo album, which takes the form of a love letter to his beloved fado and flamenco music, experienced during his and wife Susanne’s recent travels to Spain and Portugal. While not overtly traditional, these songs [...]

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New Tom Dyer Video for Everything In The World Is Returning To A State of Nature

Tom Dyer has just released a video for "Everything In The World Is Returning To A State of Nature" from his new album 1+1 + ?. The video features the photography of Marc Sterling and stars Green Monkey artists Maggie Teachout and brothers Dante and Eros Faulk. The song is about entropy. It had a gestation period of 15 years, which is pretty long when you think about it.

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Indie Spotlight: Jeff Kelly

By Lee Zimmerman Although Jeff Kelly made an emphatic impression with Seattle’s trippy Green Pajamas, his solo sojourns have found him traipsing through more terrestrial planes. Not surprisingly then, his latest individual effort, Beneath the Stars, Above the River, has him venturing still further from the 1960s psychedelia that his band cultivated so thoroughly over the course of their 20 year run. Inspired by recent visits to Spain and Portugal, Kelly assumes [...]

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Jeff Kelly Interview by Tom Dyer

Interview with Jeff Kelly by Tom Dyer June 11, 2019 TD: Hi Jeff – Congratulations on your beautiful new album. This is your first “post-performing Green Pajamas” release. Was making that change significant in your approach to recording this album. JK: Thanks.  Not so much, except it was nice just to be able to think about recording all of the time again and to be done with rehearsing for live [...]

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Kelly Reviewed in Expose!

by Jon Davis, Published 2019-05-14 Those who know Jeff Kelly only from his work in The Green Pajamas might be a little surprised hearing Beneath the Stars, Above the River. His distinctive voice and a tinge of psychedelia remain, but the setting is rather different. It is in line with his previous solo releases, being less rock-oriented and with a marked fondness for waltz-time rhythms. Acoustic guitar is the dominant instrument, with [...]

Kelly Reviewed in Elsewhere!

Seattle's Jeff Kelly has appeared many times at Elsewhere for over a decade, initially when we made the case for his classy and literate pop-rock with the band Green Pajamas (intelligent indie-pop and sometimes hitting the perfect pop-rock point of the Beach Boys and Beatles 1965-66), then in a different incarnation on acoustic-framed and artistic albums and now . . . His travels to Spain and Portugal have opened the doors for [...]

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