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Nice PJs review!

"Go and buy this album even if like me you don't have volumes one and 2 of the Northern Gothic trilogy. A quite wonderful album from the legends that are The Green Pajamas" Simonovitch - whisperinandhollerin http://www.whisperinandhollerin.com/reviews/review.asp?id=14150 Our Rating:           Yes it's finally here the third part of The Green Pajamas Northern Gothic trilogy parts one and two having come out in 2002 and 2007 respectively. As with parts one and [...]

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New Green Pajamas Reviewed in ELSEWHERE!

Ok - It technically doesn't come out for a few weeks but you can go grab this on our greenmonkeyrecordsbandcamp.com site right now if you want- pretty great! Green Pajamas: Phantom Lake; Northern Gothic Vol 3 (Green Monkey) byGraham Reid For almost 15 years Elsewhere has been telling readers about the gifted Jeff Kelly in Seattle and his band Green Pajamas (and his solo work). When we first encountered him he was releasing often [...]

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Tom Dyer & The True Olympians Got To Rock

Tom Dyer with mysterious pop filter in front of face. Photo by Howie. Tom Dyer and The True Olympians have begun work on the follow-up to their holiday single, "Christmas In Olympia/Christmas Is Love." Five new songs were tracked last weekend, "The Ballad of Donald John Trump," "Save Me," "The Gray," "Random Acts of Kindness" and "I Am Your Mother." The compositions, all by Mr. Dyer, are performed [...]

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Hi Kids! We have a new and possibly morbid single from Northwest music institutions Amy Denio and Tom Dyer.  “Death at Mounts Road” is about the December 18, 2017 Amtrak derailment which killed three people and injured sixty-two, the deadliest train crash in Washington state since 1910. As should be the case, this song is neither pretty nor happy, it is rather grim. The song is being released  jointly as [...]

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Green Pajamas – “Kill The Power” is Charting!

Your Green Pajamas are racing up thew Radio Indie Alliance Top 40 charts with "Kill The Power" reaching #1 in London and #14 overall. You can get the track here:  https://greenmonkeyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/kill-the-power-single or get it on the Supernatural Afternoon vinyl LP right here:  https://greenmonkeyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/supernatural-afternoon

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Ball of Wax #50

Levi Fuller has put out 50 issues of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly. Like clockwork. Pretty impressive. I am listening to #50 right now (it came out Dec 15, but hey  - I 've been busy) and it sounds good - pretty poppy. 50 issues puts #1 back to Summer 2005. That is a long and consistent run of documenting a pile of obscure mostly Pacific Northwest music. Nicely done, [...]

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What’s the GMR Haps?

So it's January and it's been a little quiet at Green Monkey HQ. Our website basically went into crapola land in the last few months. We have that fixed and beautiful now. Danke, K-man. Whew. So now more focus on music. We are getting a new Green Pajamas out the door for March release. Jeff said this was gonna be it - the grand finale - now it probably is [...]

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Tom’s Top 10 of 2017

First off, a couple of these came out in late 2016, but I didn't find them until sometime in 2017. I get to make up the rules for this and that is plenty good enough for me. 1. Battle Trance – Palace of Winds. I ran into this by total accident. Last spring I went to Obsidian in downtown Olympia to see Arrington de Dionyso do a set with his [...]

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Hey! It’s Christmas soon.

Hello children! We have not posted diddley here for a few months because the GMR web page has been problematic, going through Pro Tools hell,  and  general laziness.  The web page is mostly fixed at this point and this year's Christmas album is done. We got rid of the store on the web site and have moved everything to https://greenmonkeyrecords.bandcamp.com for less fuss and muss. So in theory I will [...]

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The Green Pajamas’ Supernatural Afternoon Available Now!

Hey Kids! We have a few copies of the new Green Pajamas' LP Supernatural Afternoon available now! Or if you hate the vinyl, on ye olde download. Snap 'em up while you can!


Ok so I haven't posted for almost a month. I've been busy. 1. Resisting Trump. 2. Mixing  new Green Pajamas album. It could be the last one. 3. Mastering Brain Wizard album. It is the first one. 4. Writing songs for my yet unnamed new bands debut. The first one for this version of Dyer Obscuria. 4. Plus some other stuff.

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Great New Stuff for YOU!

So we passed up the 100 release number. Now what YOU ask. What's in it for ME? Well, here is two things. 1. We are reducing postage charges. Just pay our low postage rate for the first item you buy and pile in as many more items as you want. No extra charge. Unless (there's always an unless) you live outside the US. In that case the same deal holds [...]

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Green Monkey Records Passes 100 Releases!

Well, I know this ain't a big deal if you are MCA or Sony Records or some other declining giant, but this year, while we were not paying any attention, we passed the 100 releases mark, we are currently at 105. The first forty-six of those were during what I refer to as Mach 1 -  basically 1983 to 1991. Fifty-nine of those are Mach II, basically since August 2009. [...]

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CORRECTION: Swedish Finnish Available Exclusively From Green Monkey This Week!

GMR has rush-released Swedish Finnish for their Fantastic Record Release show this Sunday at 2:00PM at the West Seattle Summer Festival. It will be available at the show and direct from Green Monkey for this week. The Album will be available in stores and on iTunes, Amazon etc. starting July 21.  Please ignore and earlier contradictory nonsense we may have put out there.

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SWEDISH FINNISH will play their West Seattle hometown to celebrate their self-titled debut. It's pop-tastic! Copies will be available for purchase right there in the Junction! Plus they will play the songs 100% live in person - no lip syncing here like some other weenie pop bands. When? Sunday 2:00pm. Where? The Junction, baby. What? Total Pop Ecstasy, you know! See you there!


Swedish Finnish releases their debut CD this Friday exclusively from Green Monkey and at their Sunday CD Release show. On July 21, it will be in stores, on the Internet and it's really great. 100% Super Pop. Have your Amazon Robot call and request it everywhere! Buy two copies and give one to your mom!

3 Live Monkey Bands this Weekend!

So much fun - how can you stand it! FRIDAY - The Shaken Growlers Record Release at Darrell's Tavern! SATURDAY - Swedish Finnish at The Parliament in West Seattle! SATURDAY - The OF at Marko's Place in remote and mysterious Roslyn!  


Ladies and Gentlemen - Your Shaken Growlers are going to rock like heathens Friday night at Darrell's for their record release party. They will hit the stage around 10:30 and a good time is promised for all!  


The Navins are working in the studio on a brand new album. Like right now. It's going to be great. However, you do not have to wait to hear these new songs cuz they will play some of them tomorrow night. Rest assured. Ps. Don't be frightened by the angry looking little dudes in the poster. They are just peevish because they cannot hear The Navins this very minute. Tomorrow [...]

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