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12" Vinyl LP The Green Pajamas – Hidden Minutes on Sale now!

We recently acquired a couple boxes of the Green Pajamas' 2009 out-of-print vinyl LP Hidden Minutes from the late Tony Dale's  Camera Obscura label. Get one while they last, at $10 buck each that will not be very long! “…simply another batch of superb songs: the pop nuggets “Valerie Rose” and “Watching Jaime Dance,” the brooding beauty “The Mystery,” the naked plea “Please Come Home,” the folk-rock confection “Lady of Spain.” [...]

Tom Dyer's Top 10 of 2016

Ok - 2016 is wrapped, so what were the best damn albums last year you ask? No problem, here we go! 1. Bowie - Black Star/ Lazarus. Everybody knows the Bowie death story - Black Star is great. The surprise was Part 2, the stage play/musical Lazarus, featuring adaptations of his songs. They are quite good. It features several Bowie songs that exist nowhere else, plus a bonus disc with [...]

Green Pajamas Review in Dagger Zine!

"in a just world “When Juliet Smiles” would be a top 10 hit." Dagger Zine Of course you’ve heard of the Green Pajamas…you have to. This long—running Seattle outfit, led by Mr. Jeff Kelly, have been at it since the early 80’s (their first full-length was 1984) and do not seem to be slowing down. I’ve been on and off the Green PJs bus over the years, have heard several [...]

Sweet Jim of Seattle Review!

"Frank Zappa without the crudeness or musical indulgence, Lieber and Stoller crossed with Harry Nilsson and dipped in The Muppet Show, Henry Mancini viewed through a kaleidoscope, and many other incongruous and synesthetic metaphors. Jim takes the craft that went into making classic Broadway shows and applies it in service of his own wacked-out vision of a story." Jon Davis Jim of Seattle — Both the Planet Frank and the [...]

Tom Dyer Interviewed on The Pig Radio Hour This Wednesday!

Tom Dyer blabs about the label and plays a bunch of music on The Pig Radio Hour this Wednesday at 8:00 pm Pacific. www.renAgaderadio.com. Sooweee!

Super Killer Review for 2016 GMR Xmas Album from Stubby's House of Christmas!

"All I Want For Christmas: GMR Xmas VII" is... vital and alive and one of the best Christmas records you'll hear this year." http://www.stubbyschristmas.com/home/all-i-want-for-christmas-gmr-xmas-vii-review I think we've learned an important lesson this year.  I didn't get it at first but, after listening to "All I Want For Christmas: GMR Xmas VII", it's becoming clear to me. The Matrix is broken.  I mean, there is a way Christmas records are made.  There [...]

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A Fine Xmas Review from Last Year I Missed!

Christmas Monkey On My Back - GMR Xmas 6, various artists (Green Monkey) By Rudolph on December 20, 2015 8:16 PM This Seattle indie label has been on the Christmas tip for years, as the number in the album title indicates. It's also where the fabulous "No Lou This Christmas" by Tom Dyer originated a couple years ago, so expectations are a little higher for this label's compilations. Burnseer gets [...]

Green Monkey— the 800-Pound Christmas Gorilla!

Frank Gutch Jr.  interviews Tom Dyer on the topic of Christmas albums in SEGARINI: DON'T BELIEVE A WORD I SAY Green Monkey— the 800-Pound Christmas Gorilla Good ol’ Green Monkey.  If any label loves Christmas on an indie scale, it is Tom Dyer and crew.  They have just released their umpteenth Christmas album (I will look the actual number up in a minute) and have a catalogue to make all the [...]

50{3fef5647925ac1900e1612dc91771fed141813803748a56288b7306af51b02d6} OFF BANDCAMP SALE STARTS AT MIDNIGHT!!

Our 24 Hour Bandcamp sale starts at Midnight tonight! All day December 2 you can buy any Green Monkey download for 50% off, including our latest releases. Buy one! Buy ten! Buy 'em all! Ho-ho-ho!


We are very pleased to announce the release of the Finest Christmas Album Ever! All I Want For Christmas: GMR Xmas VII contains 18 performances, each coming straight from the heart of the respective artists. Traditional Northwest holiday favorites like The Green Pajamas, The Fastbacks, 3 Ninjas and Tom Dyer are joined by festive newcomers like Free Creature and The Fresh Prince of Brain Wizard! Many of these recordings are not [...]


We are sincerely pleased to make the new Green Pajamas album, To The End Of The Sea, available to you on vinyl. It was released in England by our friends at Sugarbush records and we now have copies in hand, just in time for your holiday shopping whims. It has a different and beautiful cover, the exact same songs and is on pretty blue vinyl. I love this album and think it [...]


Review: The Green Pajamas - To The End Of The Sea (Green Monkey Records, 2016) (Pop) In 1984 took Jeff Kelly - lead guitar, vocals, drums, bass, organ, percussion, mandolin and Joe Ross - bass guitar, vocals, lead guitar, percussion, zither, banjo, strings drums and bagpipes their first songs at the home of Joe's parents West Seattle. The band's name, which was first Felix The Cat Explodes, was changed to [...]

Green Pajamas – To The End of the Sea – 9 Stars!

THE GREEN PAJAMAS CAST HAUNTING AURA ON ‘TO THE END OF THE SEA’ (ALBUM REVIEW) November 23, 2016 by Lee Zimmermanin Album Reviews, ReviewsNo Comments ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Purveyors of their own take on psychedelia, The Green Pajamashave been plying their singular style for the better part of the past 30 years. Having carved something of a legendary stature in their native Seattle, the band remains a cult favorite as far as [...]

Meanwhile in England… "Seattle Power Pop Legends Return!"

If you are in Manchester, England don't forget to pick up your copy of The Queen Annes - Released! "Seattle Power Pop Legends Return!" Picture by Bob Blackburn.


Some sweet press from http://growboredbigscott62.blogspot.com/2016/11/the-queen-annes.html The Queen Annes A fab John N submittal, some mod/power pop from the great Queen Annes. from the wonderous Northwest........gonna once again take the easy route and include the attached write up, as it says everything better than I personally could, but you'll want to trust me on this one, this is a good album/band......read up and then listen, this is a wonderful album that we [...]


Green Monkey Records is releasing a topical digital single by Joe Ross of the Green Pajamas today. “Post-Election Day Blues” was written by Joe the day after the 2016 US election and recorded that night. By the next day The Freewheelin’ Joe Ross had put a video of the song on Facebook and was garnering attention from the like-minded. While Green Monkey Records is generally not too political, we have [...]


BURNSEER played delightful selections from their new album Burnseer at High Dive in Fremont last night along with special guest Kurt Bloch of the seminal NW band FULL TOILET.  The audience very receptive. Ms. Frankie the led the crowd in a singalong of FUMF from the new album, dedicating it to the incoming president elect. Burnseer will be released next Friday and will be available in fine stores, direct from Green Monkey and [...]


Super Review of Both The Planet Frank And .... "This, sports fans, is musical genius!" Frank Gutch Jr. Read it all here!

Green Pajamas "another strong and varied album of flamenco(!), prog, psych, and effervescent pop. " Jeff Penczak

THE GREEN PAJAMAS – TO THE END OF THE SEA As fate would have it, I’m sat here on Jeff Kelly’s birthday, celebrating with a cold, sudsy concoction and the latest from his band of merry minstrels. The cheat sheet from Green Monkey Records, off-and-on home to Kelly & Co. throughout their 30+ years tabulates this as their 32nd album. You’ll be forgiven (just barely) if you missed a dozen [...]

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Pajamas Get The Love in Whisperin' and Hollerin'!

"The instrumental stretches out and the guitars soar before leaving the violins and organ picking up the pieces when the vocals come back. A wonderful piece of music." simonovitch Read the whole thing here!

"My Dual Turntables" Calls Pajamas "To The End Of the Sea" MASTERPIECE!

Translated via Google: Another who deserves a monument is JEFF KELLY, one of the most underrated composers ever.Under the cloak of its Green Pajamas, and / or other incarnations has spent decades taking jobs unbeatable pop rock with shades. All with psychedelia as the basis of his works still thinking unclassifiable your project. The truth is that Jeff deserves any special preparation but requires that I'll leave for a holiday period or [...]

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