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True Olympian Show Updates plus more!

OK ok OK –

Here’s the latest True Olympian performance facts, plus Green Pajamas updates and the unveiling of a new EP by Cabeza.

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I told you we would be playing Easy Street in Seattle Sat, Nov. 19.  OOPS. That would be wrong. My Covid acted up on me a little and I was too slow responding to the date offered so it ain’t happening.

Mark Easy Street CANCELED. Maybe next year.

Next Up.

Nov 15 Tuesday  6:30 Olympia Timberland Library downtown FREE.

Next after that.

Our Portland show will be at Kelly’s Olympian, Sunday Dec. 4 – 9:00pm. Advance tix: Tom Dyer and the True Olympians Tickets, Sun, Dec 4, 2022 at 9:00 PM | Eventbrite My Oregon brother Bruce assures me Kelly’s Olympian is a right-fine dive bar and how could we resist playing a joint called The Olympian?

THEN…FRIDAY DEC 9 Then 8:00pm (doors 7:00) TOM DYER & THE TRUE OLYMPIANS Present Olympia: A True Story – the most glorious spectacle since the fall of ancient Rome at the hand of the Visgoths! Chariot races! Flaming Sea Serpents! Imperial snow tigers! Flying monkeys!

Uhh. Wait a minute. That stuff was just made up. However, I think the glorous part is true – we’re going to have a grand party right down town in the historic Olympia Ballroom and we want you to be there. And all your best friends! Advance tickets (and CDs) can be had at:

Finally, Friday, December 30 7:30pm The Royal Room (5000 Rainier Ave South) We finally will bring Olympia: A True Story to the Big City. Oh my! I love the Royal Room – best club in town – and all you Seattle-ites will want to get down. Avoid the New Year’s Eve chaos by a day – plus it is only 3 days to my birthday so you can bring me early presents – no cake, please! We will play the entire 21 song set show – same as Olympia. To be followed by amazing Green Monkey dudes, The Of, in their first Seattle appearance since the coming of the ‘rona. So exciting! Beautiful poster soon.

Oh yeah – did I tell you we have a spiff little video made for us by Mr. Jeff Kelly for the song “Arts Walk (Mossy Bottom)”. It was done quick and dirty and there are several “visual mistakes” and/or “continuity errors”. I love that stuff – like the “Can You Spot the Differences “ thing on the funnies page. So whoever can spot the most …. drop a line and the winner will get a Green Monkey album of their choice – (thanks Jeff)!

Tom Dyer & The True Olympians - Arts Walk (Mossy Bottom) (Official Music Video)

I did an interview with Kim Dobson on Parallel Universisty that you might find interesting. Stream Parallel U: Kim Dobson interviews Tom Dyer about Olympia: A True Story by GreenMonkeyRecords | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Speaking of The Green Pajamas, Jeff has made a new single version from the latest album “If You Leave Me Today (45 RPM Mix)” I don’t know exactly how a 45 RPM mix plays in the digital world but I am confident it will soon. become very clear.

And finally, we’ve been releasing singles by Boise-band Cabeza for a couple years now. We decided it was time to put them all in in a package and tie a holiday ribbon around it. So we did – the EP is called Home and is available on Bandcamp only Home EP | Cabeza | Green Monkey Records ( The individual track can be heard on all streaming platforms. .

And they have a great new video for “Home”. Dig it immediately (9) Cabeza – Home (Official Music Video) – YouTube

That concludes our November Performance Facts + More  bulletin.

Thank you very, very much,

td Nov 2022

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