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True Olympians Release Second Video from Olympia” A True Story!

Tom Dyer & The True Olympians have a new video for “Arts Walk (Mossy Bottom)”! Originally this was written just for a show The True Olympians did at Mossy Bottom Records on 4th Ave for Arts Walk three years ago. Glorious! It was a frisky little rocker about Nick and Eli’s store, done in the rocking spirit of fun. Pandemic shut them down and the song morphed into being primarily a song about Arts Walk. It still rocks.

And yes, The True Olympians always get down.

Nick is now one of the proprietors of Lantern Records in Olympia, where you can buy the Olympia: A True Story album.

The video was shot by Garret Tatsumi & Vicki Dyer and edited by the Green Pajamas Jeff Kelly.

Arts Walk (Mossy Bottom)
(We’re gonna play)
Mossy Bottom Records down at Arts Walk
Arts Walk happens in the spring
Arts Walk happens in the fall
Businesses all over downtown
Hang local art upon their walls
People young and people old
Come down to check it out
They close some streets for kids with chalk
Come down and check ‘em out
The Luminary is on Friday night
Procession of the Species is the next day
With dancing dancers, drums, fantastic creatures
Though not the same ones as the Pet Parade
Nick and Eli had a groovy record store
Pandemic came and shut their store right down
The True Olympians came and rocked the joint
The True Olympians always get down.

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