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Green Monkey is thrilled to announce it has signed an exclusive long-term agreement with Wenis to release their album The Donut Shop: Seattle 1980. The album will contain 9 songs recorded in 1980 0r so, including one from their first ever show at UCT Hall. They’ve not recorded a note since.

For those of you going wot????, Wenis was Al Bloch’s band following The Cheaters and before The Deans, The Bombardiers, Concrete Blonde, Wool and My Favorite Martian. We featured the latter as AotM way back in 2010. As with My Favorite Martian, Al was the STAR in Wenis – he sang all the songs. And you know at GMR we are fans of Mr. Bloch. In addition to Wenis, we are going to make My Favorite Martian available to the public via the GMR site. Very exciting indeed. I convinced Al to do this by telling him I would get him on Spotify which pays nothing. Who could resist a sales pitch like that! For those of you who need some Wenis now, you may enjoy this Wenis video posted by Rupert Pumpkin.


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