What’s the GMR Haps?

> >://What’s the GMR Haps?

So it’s January and it’s been a little quiet at Green Monkey HQ. Our website basically went into crapola land in the last few months. We have that fixed and beautiful now. Danke, K-man. Whew.

So now more focus on music. We are getting a new Green Pajamas out the door for March release. Jeff said this was gonna be it – the grand finale – now it probably is not. We will have a few hundred more. It is all good – we live for artist contentment here at GMR.

I am in the process of preparing the debut release by Brain Wizard, which is years in the making, I think.

I am working on a couple new albums. I have a great new band, The True Olympians, who debuted on this year’s Xmas album and with a digital single of “Christmas In Olympia.”  Next Sunday we are tracking five songs for the first True Olympians album. I’ve got twelve new songs written  for the album – these fall in the “file under rock” category. I am really liking playing with these guys.

I also am working on a new album of, shall we say, more eclectic material, including the “Song of Frogs” tune I sort of released as a single a couple month ago. I’ve got some stuff ready for it I did with the redoubtable Jim of Seattle, plus the wonderful Amy Denio is coming here in a couple weeks and we will make up music from scratch. I plan to complete that album this year as well.

On my “might get around to it” list, I recovered all the original 4-tracks for my 1983 debut Truth or Consequences and I may give them some sort of release this year along with a pile of unnecessary bonus track from that period.  I may also get around to giving the early 90’s Beautimus tracks some public release this year. We shall see. I also have enough tracks to put out a second Tom Dyer Xmas album this year “if I get around to it.”

So there you go – an exact vision of the future. Precise.

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