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The Hitmen's SMASHFACE release is mastered.

Another day in the life! The Hitmen’s SMASHFACE release is mastered. The cover is done and out to print. The insert is done. Time to get to work on the Xmas AotM. We will be whipping up some new delights for you as well as a few favorites. If it happens, there may be a long overdue reunion of the White Mule Family (author, Pip & ex-PJ Karl) doing the freshly written (at the bar in the Maple Leaf Grill) It’s a White Mule Xmas!

We recently uncovered 15 or so unreleased songs by The Life, so we will be working on the ultra-expanded version of Alone in the next few months. Also have scheduled with Joe Ross to master the PJ’s Summer of Lust in the next couple months so we can get that out this spring. Might get a new Green Pajamas CD from Jeff soon. Maybe a new Goblin Market. Who knows?

Howie is working on some great video from a GMR show at the Backstage in 1989 (with the PJ’s, The Life and The Hitmen) and the recent Pajamas’ gig at Silver Platters. I am mixing The Icons new album. Busy, busy, busy!

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