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Super review of The Icons' Masters of Disaster

Whew. Lettsee. There’s a super review of The Icons’ Masters of Disaster in Rock and Reprise. Thanks, Frank!

The Hitmen‘s Smashface is all done and it is totally fantastico and ready for a Halloween release.

Working to get the GMR Xmas thing together – tain’t too late to get something in if you’re so inclined.

Baked and digitized the entire 17 song unreleased second album by The Life yesterday. This whole thing was recorded and then of course the band broke up. I will be reissuing The Life’s Alone this year and may include this or do it as a separate thing – we’ll just have to see.

Working with a Tacoma-n named Luke to upgrade the web page, while keeping our overall highly desirable style. You will be seeing some changes in the next few months – some subtle, some less so.

Howie might be making a new video for The Hitmen’s album. Maybe.

Protools has been crapping out on me so I’ve made very little progress mixing The IconsAppointment With Destiny! the last month, but I hope I am getting to the root ot the issue and moving forward!

Got my first ever Danaelectro (U-1) recently and no it is not a 50’s model that I paid big dough for, it is a cheap 90’s Korean model and it is damn cool! Coming soon to a recording near you.

Other than that, nothing going on.

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