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Dec. 2020: Pandemic Christmas

Pandemic Christmas Green Monkey Records Christmas

Dear Christmatologists 

Well, as Howie likes to say, it happened again. The call for entries went out at the beginning of October and another collection ensued. As always, this is our best Xmas album ever, with another beautiful cover by Rosay D. 

And yes, the previous ones are available on Bandcamp. Right here: Including the best of the first ten years CDr edition we released last year.  Right here. So are my two Tom Dyer Christmas collections. And the True Olympians Xmas singles. Damn that’s a lot of warmth and good cheer.

And all the compilation dough goes to MusiCares, a charity that helps music people in need and god knows there are some of those this year.

For those of you that still need to do your Christmas shopping, I have included many links below to many excellent gifts.

Thanks to all the great folks that contributed their work below of Xmas geniusness-ishness to this immortal pantheon of Christmas love.

January 1 we will return with Richard Peterson’s first two albums available for download for the first time ever.

And now, this year’s model: Pandemic Christmas – The 11th GMR Xmas

1. The Yes Masters – I Hope (Bloch)

Kurt BlochKurt Bloch – Guitar; Jordan T. Adams – Drums; Michael Ni – Bass

This was released by the mighty and prolific Kurt just days before Xmas last year – it’s time to get it spread around some more!  Their Lion and Tiger Fight featuring song-of-the-year “Ticking Time Bomb” is one of my favorite releases this year. Me and Stevie T. have played in on our FreeForm NW show (89.3FM Olympia) about 100 times. You want it.

2. Tom Dyer & The True Olympians – Pandemic Christmas (Dyer – Half the World Publishing.)

Tom Dyer – Vox , Guitar; Joe Cason – Keys; Gene Tveden – Bass; Michael Stein – Drums; w/ Lisa Ceazan – Backing Vox. Recorded by TD.

The True Olympians’ 3rd Xmas release! Available as sweet CDr single. The Olympians are hard at work on a new album but you may wish to enjoy their provocative first album 12 New Recordings.

3. Dante & Eros Faulk – Christmas Eve (Traditional)

Dante and Eros FaulkDante Faulk – Cello, Bodhran, Percussion; Eros Faulk – Fiddle, Guitar, Percussion

Arrangedproduced and recorded by Dante and Eros Faulk. Mixed and mastered by Eros Faulk 

Dante & Eros are actual brothers and have three albums out on GMR as a duo and as members of REDS, most recently their most excellent Mirage.

Website: []



4. Toxic Socket – How I Know (Hibbard – BMI)

Duane HibbardDuane Hibbard – Everything.

Duane is one of our most seasoned Xmas Dudes – always a delight! Boogaloo Dude!

5. Frankly, My Deer – Christmas Waltz (Sammy Kahn/Jule Stein)

Frankly, My DeerSadie Struger – Vox, Uke; Kat Dyer – Bass, Backing Vox, Jingle Bells

Recorded by Tom Dyer at the last minute on Thanksgiving while full of turkey.

The tune was originally the flip side to Frank Sinatra’s 1957 “White Christmas”.

6. Jon Davis – Techno Xmas (Davis – BMI)

Jon DavisIn fond memory of the human race (RIP)  Programming, Keyboards, Stick, Vox by Jon.

Jon is a pretty regular contributor, always something on the interesting side of jolliness. Amongst other things Jon is involved with SeaProg and his Zhongyu Band & Super Z Attack Team.

7. The Elf-tones – On Christmas Day (Trettevik)

Steve Trettevik – Vocals and Guitar, Bass, Drums; Sherrie Nordling – Piano. Recorded by Steve. Mixed by Tom Dyer.

Steve is a GMR Christmas careerist – this is his fifth or tenth time. He is also working on his first 1-man-band release for next year. You will want it for sure.

8. Toiling Midgets Toiling Midgets – It Ain’t Sleazey Being Green (Gray)

Craig Gray – Guitar; Paul Hood – Guitar; Erich Werner – Bass; Mark Sullivan – Keys; Tony Sales – Drums   

Repeat offenders! Toiling Midgets put out a great LP, Sea of Tranquility last year (makes a festive xmas gift!) and you can get lots more LPs full of great guitar angst directly from them on their site. So mighty!

9. Lisa King – Carol of the Bells, Approximately  

Lisa KingLisa – Banjo, Guitars, Keyboards, and Sleigh Bells.

Carol of the Bells, Approximately is based loosely on Shchedryk, a Ukrainian New Year’s song, known in English as the Little Swallow. 

From the Wikipedia (edited):

Shchedryk was arranged by composer and teacher Mykola Leontovych in 1916 and tells a story of a swallow flying into a household to sing of wealth that will come with the following spring. Shchedryk was originally sung on the night of January 13, New Year’s Eve in the Julian Calendar. Shchedryk was later adapted as an English Christmas carol, Carol of the Bells, by Peter J. Wilhousky. Wilhousky copyrighted and published his new lyrics (which were not based on the Ukrainian lyrics) in 1936 and the song became popular in the United States and Canada and is now strongly associated with Christmas.

Lisa has played bass in a bunch of NW bands including Pure Joy and the Paul Lynde Fan Club. In the 90s she took up guitar and toured around Europe with the folksinger Larry Barrett. 

Follow Lisa on Soundcloud at

10. Jeff & Ed – Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (Harry Simeone / Henry V Onorati / Katherine Kennicot Davis / Lorenzo Definti)

Ed Portnow – Vox, Guitar, Drums & Sleigh Bells, Jeff Kelly – Vox, Organ, Harpsichord, Strings, English Horn, Cymbal & Bass

Jeff – n – Ed debuted as a twosome on last year’s holiday epic. They’re b-a-a-a-ack!

11. 20 -Twin/Twin – Up On The Rooftop (Benjamin Herby)

20-Twin/TwinRay Dyer – Percussion, Samples; Craig Lodis – Vox, Keyboards, Samples

Ray and Craig have appeared on the GMR Xmas a couple times as members of Boise’s Cabeza – this is their new thang. Great!

12. Richard Peterson – Silent Night (Traditional)

Richard PetersonRichard – all instruments. Recorded in Peter Barnes’ garage.

Richard’s entire catalog will be available for download on  January 1, 2202. Glorious!

Richard gets all the money form sales – so go ahead – buy the whole damn catalog for your mom and I’ll send Richard the dough.

13. Zelda Starfire Zelda Starfire – Mother’s Little Christmas Helpers (Sandra Buchner)

Zelda does everything except: Clementine Dillon – Back Up Vox

We love Zelda!

14. Richard Stuverud – By Christmas Time (Richard Stuverud – Prabhujee Music ASCAP)

Richard StuverudRichard Stuverud – Electric Rhodes Piano, Mini Mellotron, Vox, Drums; Christopher Reece Daddio, All Guitars, Bass; Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christopher Reece Daddio @ Donut Time Audio Oakland, CA 2020   Produced by Richard Stuverud

Another great holiday tune from Richard, singer, drummer, piano player, bon vivant and whatnot!

15. Utterance Tongue – Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Lennon/Ono)

Produced and performed by Utterance Tongue. Engineered and mixed by Rich Hinklin.

Is the Tongue on the move? Perhaps.

16. Tom Dyer – Gonna Sing A Christmas Song (Dyer, Half the World Publishing)

Tom Dyer 1983Tom Dyer – All sounds except; Lisa Ceazan who said Hello and Goodbye.

This fellow has released two albums (with 51 songs) this year. Yawn.

17. Infra Ed – A Christmas Wish (Ed Portnow) 

Ed PortnowEd Portnow – All Vox & Instruments

Ed is the Rock of Gibraltar when it comes to Christmas albums. A man who can be counted on. He put out a new album this year  Electromagnetic Radiation. So fucking good. We love Ed so very much.

18. Dan Tecucianu – Cinnamon Stars Painted Blue (Dan Tecucianu) 

Dan Tecucianu – Performer; Daniela I. – Additional voice/samples Arranged, recorded, and mixed by Dan Tecucianu © Dan Tecucianu, 2020 

Dan is new to us – nice job! Dan: I also have an experimental music project called Dolores Mondo Stash and my latest material will be released on the Seattle label – dadastic sounds!.


19. Chris Newman Deluxe Combo – Xmas (Newman)

Chris NewmanChris Newman – Vox, Guitar, Slide, Acoustic, 12 String Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Organ, Synth; Doug Naish -Drums, Various Percussion, Backing Vox; Nathan Jorg: Bass

From the album Xmas

Got on the Chris Newman bandwagon this year with his excellent Re-Revolution album. So good. Go buy it now. Listen to it every day.

20. The Freewheelin’ Joe Ross – Jesus Christ (Chilton)

Joe Ross – Vox,Guitar, Drums, Hammond Organ, Harmonica, Bass, Tambourine; Laura Ross – vocals

Joe is telling like it is on this Alex Chilton tune. Just like always.

Joe has a sweet video for the song right here.

21. Walt Perry – Born In A Stall (Perry)

Walt Perry – Guitar, Vox

Walt is an Olympia guy that takes his guitar out to the local brew pubs and plays for three hours at a pop. When there isn’t too much Covid. Keep an eye out.

22. Jeff Kelly – Change Is Gonna Come (Jeff Kelly – St. Brigid Publishing)

Jeff Kelly 2019Jeff Kelly – Instruments, Vox; Suzanne Kelly – Vox

Mr. Kelly says this isn’t really a Christmas song but wanted it put at the end of the Christmas album because after all, it is a song of hope and optimism. We all like that, don’t we?

Jeff has a new download album on St Brigid, This Haunted Hill, which you certainly want. 

And the Green Pajamas xmas album

td Dec. 2020

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