Great New Stuff for YOU!

> >://Great New Stuff for YOU!

So we passed up the 100 release number. Now what YOU ask. What’s in it for ME? Well, here is two things.

1. We are reducing postage charges. Just pay our low postage rate for the first item you buy and pile in as many more items as you want. No extra charge. Unless (there’s always an unless) you live outside the US. In that case the same deal holds for CDs – pay shipping once, order 100 more or even 200 and no addition shipping. If you are ordering LPs we will still have to charge you a modest 2 bucks per item additional for each LP.

2. We are now including free downloads with all CDs and LPs bought from GMR. (The Unless on this one is if you buy one of those old Camera Obscura Green Pajamas CDs or LPs like Strung Behind the Sun – we don’t have the downloads on the GMR site – talk to Jeff about that.) Yes I know everyone else already does this and we already should have been doing it but hey, we are dinky and everything like that takes away time from making fantastic new music, which is what we like to do. Amen.

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