Green Monkey Records Passes 100 Releases!

Well, I know this ain’t a big deal if you are MCA or Sony Records or some other declining giant, but this year, while we were not paying any attention, we passed the 100 releases mark, we are currently at 105. The first forty-six of those were during what I refer to as Mach 1 –  basically 1983 to 1991. Fifty-nine of those are Mach II, basically since August 2009. Not too bad for a little art project that has got out of hand. Of course you can go to our AotM (Album of the Month) page if you want to see most of the Mach II releases. If you are curious about the old stuff, go to our Discogs page – it is all there (Sort on the date column  to get them to line up by release date – the numbers are a little goofy).


So who made all this racket? I thought it would be most appropriate to list them here. So in order of appearance, here we go:

(Mach 1) Al Bloch, Fastbacks, The Chicklets, Even Presley & The Extreme Beings, The Icons, Mr. Epp & The Calculations, Tom Dyer, Group Sex, Stevie Nations & The United States, David Richard, Sherrie & The Mudmen, Bob Blackburn, Bombardiers, The Queen Annes, The Cosmic Tunas, Me Three, The Green Pajamas, Prudence Dredge, Prudence Dredge, Jeff Kelly, Liquid Generation, The Elements, The Fall-Outs, Keith Livingston, Pip McCaslin, The Walkabouts, Melting Fish, Arms Akimbo, Danger Bunny, The Lookouts, Pray For Rain, Bruce Haedt, The Life, Glass Penguins, Rich Hinklin, Capping Day, The Purdins, Jon Strongbow, The Hitmen, Mad Mad Nomad, Swelter Cacklebush, Slam Suzzanne, Joe Leonard (Mach II) Kat And Ben, White Mule Family, Levi Fuller, Stafford And The Bentz Brothers, Joe Ross & The Bird Watchers, Sigourney Reverb, Glamourpuss, Gumshen, The Heaters, Tony Driscoll And His Yuletide Warblers, Gary Heffern & Beautiful People, Liar’s Club, Empire Of Sleep, Duane Hibbard/Toxic Socket, Eric And Sari, Terry Lee Hale, The Washingtonians featuring Tony Driscoll, Eric Lichter, The OF, The Goblin Market, Jim of Seattle, Jimm McIver, Young Fresh Fellows, Henry Boy Jenkins, Three NinjasLee RudeAmy Denio, Laurie Biagini, Dance Faster Kat, Wild Hares, IQ9!, King County Queens, Gary Minkler, Aaiiee, Tom Nook, The Deadlies, Richard & Xander Stuverud, Jason RubinThe Colorplates, Fur For Fairies, The FuzzSheila Powers, Zelda Starfire, Pleasure Island, Cassandra Sky, Burnseer, The Navins, The Freewheelin’ Joe Ross, Steven Martinelli, Ed Portnow, Guns Of Nevada, The Write Brothers Sonic Soul Consortium Featuring Stefanie Lee Knowlton, Eric Padget, The Shaken Growlers, Dante And Eros Faulk, Swedish Finnish.

That is all.  Thanks to everybody. And thanks to Howie as always. Now time for 100 more.

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