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May 2017: The Shaken Growlers

Hey Peoples Abounding!

It’s May and we have another great new release for you the debut of The Shaken Growlers!

There is nothing complicated here – straight up. Three guys. One bass, one guitar, several drums. With singin’. Pacific Northwest Rock and Roll, straight from their garage to your ever-pounding heart. Thirteen steamy chunks of rock and roll goodness. Two precision covers – Sweet’s “ACDC” and yes, that is Cher’s #1 hit “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.” Pretty nice.

The Shaken GrowlersThe Growlers will present this album in live public performance at their release party on Friday evening June 9 at Darrell’s Tavern in Seattle/Shoreline/you know where. You should definitely plan on attending. I’m gonna. And of course, casual attire is acceptable.

I first saw these guys a couple years ago – it was their second gig, playing with the always mighty Queen Annes. I already knew Phil from his days as singer in Slam Suzzanne (I like to say What?) and as the twangin’ guitar player in a variety of surf combos who have appeared on the delightful Green Monkey Xmas charity albums. After I moved to Olympia I heard they were gonna play Rhythm and Rye so we popped in on it. It was there I first heard their beautiful rendition of “Gypsies.” It was almost as beautiful as the original. Plus, their shirts matched.

Fast forward – the lads head into Studio Litho with Brother Floyd Reitsma and thirteen song later, rock and roll masterpiece.

So let’s meet the Growlers, shall we?

First up, Mike “Chachee Morockin” Dippery (Lead Vox & Bass) believes he is the next best thing to the Yankee Elvis King. Humor him. He writes the songs and he sings ‘em. His songs show his sensitive side, touching on the great issues of the day, Taco Tuesdays, beer, hoarders and of course love in the apocalypse. Sometimes he has a mustache and is partial to head wear.The Shaken Growlers

Phil “Intense” Bentz (Guitar & Vox) formerly a young NW punk rockin’ dude – front-man for Slam Suzanne and bass-man for The Dehumanizers. He has long served as twangmaster for a pile of NW surf bands – The Manatees, The Space Needles, Stafford & the Bentz Brothers & currently the reverberating Pleasure Island. He plays in at least five bands when not building skyscrapers. Phil has more guitars and amps than you. Phil is 100% action all the time.

“Jerry” Jeff Hood (Drums & Vox) The pride of Stanwood, WA, home of the Spartans! He’s been playing pounding drums with “Chachee” going back to the days of Michael Jordan’s championship rings. Bands with fine names like Trash Train, The All-American Playboys (with Phil and matching suits) plus the punk rock Elvis tribute band The Graceland Five. This will be his first band to become famous. Jeff plays the quite member.

In other news, The Mighty Fuzz will be playing their first show of 2017 at Slim’s Friday June 23. They should be well rested.

And this just in! The Queen Annes, Jamie Nova Sky, and Rachelle DeBelle & The Jamfest Miracles live and rock’in Friday May 26th @ Darrell’s Tavern ! Doors @ 8pm, show starts at 9pm/$8

May 27th 2017, 9:00 pm at Slim’s is almost a Green Monkey Records night with SWEDISH FINNISH, AAIIEE. SHAGNASTY being the only non-GMR band. If the weather’s good, maybe it will be outside. Wouldn’t that be a trip?

I just finished mastering a “new” vinyl LP for the Green Pajamas – a collection of singles and obscurities. It will be released on England’s Sugarbush records – we will have some copies available and make a download edition available. They also have an album of all new stuff nearing completion. We are going to put out the debut of Swedish Finnish this summer Certain to be a pop masterpiece!

So get to Rocking – See You at Darrell’s!


May 2017

The Shaken Growlers

The Shaken Growlers cover1. Weekly Specials

2. Bag ’em

3. Everybody Hates That Guy

4. Hoove

5. Empty Party – Full Keg

6. Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

7. Hoarder

8. If She Wants It

9. Apocalypse

10. Life Supply

11. Slabtown

12. Too Many Fuckers

13. AC/DC

All songs by Mike Dippery ©2017 Half The World Publishing

except: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves by Robert Stone ©1971 Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc.

AC/DC by Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn ©1974 Universal Music Publishing Group

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