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Oct. 2016: The Fuzz – Best Kept Secret

Hi there Musical dudes!

(Dudes is used in a non-gender-specific manner in this case).

Welcome to the month of Rocktober! As long as it is Rocktober we might as well get something out that rocks unmercifully. Or to put it another way, time for THE FUZZ. Now some of you may not be familiar with THE FUZZ despite the fact they already put out two albums, Here Come The Fuzz (2000) and Fun Forest (2011). Damn, you say, they might just be Seattle’s BEST KEPT SECRET. Might.

So the skinny. THE FUZZ are total West Seattle Rock. Two guitars, bass and drums. Singing. Guitar solos. I know, I know, we put out that sort of combo all the time, but not really. A lot of stuff we put out is very sensitive. With feelings. And keyboards. This ain’t that little friends. The Fuzz just rock. No pretty love songs for you here. Okay, there is a keyboard on a couple songs, but it still isn’t what I would call pretty.

So who be THE FUZZ?  1) guitar-man Rod Moody, who has played in at least 100 Seattle bands including prehistoric grunge favorites Swallow, hardcore-ists Deranged Diction and recent cover bums THE GUM. 2) Andy Hoggarth, who yoosta play in country bands according to Rod, but this sure ain’t country, 3) O.C. skater champ Brad “Jackhammer” Jackman, who wrote the Wilt Chamberlain song, on the electrical bass and d) skin-man/spiritual force Tom Hendrickson. I have personally spoken to Tom and consider him a very nice person, possibly the second nicest Tom ever. Add these fellas up and you get something that is not halfway between the Dead Kennedys and the Rolling Stones but might be a third of the way. For people who struggle with fractions, just be content to know they rock like their souls were sold to the Dark Lord of Hegemony at the crossroads for an equitable price.

Ye Olde History: THE FUZZ were implemented in 2000 when Rod stole another man’s band. They quickly made their debut record, Here Come The Fuzz and played a handful of shows. Suddenly, Rod was called away to our nation’s smallest state Rhode Island (proper name = State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations), where he stayed for four years. Upon his return, The Fuzz resumed full operations, without missing a beat. They took a little while to get round to tracking their sophomore release, Fun Forest, which also rocks. KEXP played it on the radio. They should play this new one even more – it is super radio friendly! Because we are nice we have decided to make all of The Fuzz’s releases available through GMR (and you can get ’em right HERE). We are certain that once you’ve had one delectable helping of BEST KEPT SECRET you will want more deliciousness from THE FUZZ!

Now, time for an important news bulletin! One week from this Saturday, specifically, next Saturday, Rocktober 24, 2015, The Fuzz will have their record release party out at Darrell’s Tavern in scenic Shoreline. Darrell’s is a great place where the people are nice and the beer is cold. The Fuzz will make a hellacious racket. Me, I can hardly wait!

So buy BEST KEPT SECRET today. Listen to it each day until the show at least once and sometimes twice. Then call KEXP and tell them to play it. Each day. Then go to Darrell’s. You will be ready.

In other local news, it’s been a long time, but The OF are going to play a live show at Darrell’s in Shoreline. That’s right, the mighty OF risen from the ashes of the goatish fires to reign grisly spewburgers upon your heads. Nov 14th Saturday, with Strange Jerome and Dick Rossetti: Ex-Minor Celebrity.


Finally, the next up GMR  release will be our sixth Xmas charity album. It will be jolly as hell. If you or someone you know has festive holiday goods they wish to submit for our questionable consideration, send them forthwith.

See you at Darrell’s.


October 2015

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Best Kept Secret (GM1033)

1. Can’t Wait
2. Too Bad
3. Wilt
4. Charley Horse
5. Girl
6. She Believes
7. Locked Out
8. Loaded
9. Call The Cops

Produced by Jerry Hammack & The Fuzz
Engineered by Brian Nelson
Recorded at Elliott bay Recording, Seattle WA, USA
Mastered by Tom Dyer
Front cover art – “Foreign Correspondent” by David C. Kane
Design – Tina Anderson
Fuzz photo Scott R. Hansen

All songs written by The Fuzz © 2015 moodmusic BMI/ASCAP. All rights reserved.

The Fuzz:

Rod Moody – Vocal, Guitar
Andy Hoggarth – Guitar, Vocals
Brad Jackman – Bass
Tom Hendrickson – Drums

Special guest Jerry Hammack – Piano on “Girl”, Clavinet on “Loaded.”

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We didn’t want to see these disappear so, The Fuzz’s other fine albums are now available from Green Monkey Records. Click on the covers for more information.


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