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Sept. 2015: Llama

Well hello Music Lover –

I know how much you’ve been enjoying our recent GMR releases like Fur For Fairies. I know you may be saddened and fretful realizing it will be a whole month until our next spectacular release – The Fuzz starring in Best Kept Secret. Well, don’t be dammit.

For our September Album of the Month we have an mighty fine and rather obscure treat. Llama. What’s that? Well, Llama is the occasional brain child of Mr. Rusty Willoughby (he was featured as our Jan 2014 AotM).  In 2005 – 2007 Rusty put together his Llama combo with Scott Sutherland (King County Queens) on bass, Jim Hunnicutt (Pure Joy) on drums and Johnny Sangster (The Sharing Patrol/ Tripwires) on guitar. Super tight super catchy pop combo. They played some shows and recorded two albums, which were never released. Time moved on and Rusty moved on to other projects, as he is wont to do.

About a year ago Rusty started getting a hankering to release these albums. And a hankering to play these fine songs in public. So they do. Occasionally. West Seattle. Darryl’s. Vashon. You know.

Now the two albums have been released on a 22-song 2-CD set which you should go  buy right now (right here) – here’s my ten slice to get you started!


September 2015

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Selections from “LLAMA”

1. Love
2. New Car
3. The End
4. Invisible
5. It’s Ok
6. Shape in the Clouds
7. Northerner’s Sun
8. You Could Be Wrong
9. C’mon C’mon
10. There

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The band:

Jim Hunnicutt / drums, percussion, vocals

Scott Sutherland / bass guitar, vocals, piano, Mellotron, Hammond  B3

Rusty Willoughby /  Vocals, electric guitar, Mellotron

Johnny Sangster / piano, percussion, guitar, vocals

 LLAMA Facebook page (“like” it)

Photo © 2015 Greg Phipps



Born out of necessity in mid 2005, Llama seemingly appeared out of nowhere, eyes open and ready to breathe the rarified air of the rock’n roll willing. Made up of the crumbling vestiges of Flop, Pure Joy and the Model Rockets, Llama gives face to low-grade mental affliction and heart-breaking, caustic musical expression. A soundtrack for people folding in on themselves.

This release includes the two albums Llama recorded between the years 2005 and 2007. Record 1 recorded and mixed by Kurt Bloch, mastered by Johnny Sangster. Record 2 recorded and mixed by Johnny Sangster, mastered by Ed Brooks. All songs recorded at Chromasound with help from Jason Staczek.

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