Oct. 2017: The Green Pajamas – Supernatural Afternoon

> >://Oct. 2017: The Green Pajamas – Supernatural Afternoon

Oct. 2017: The Green Pajamas – Supernatural Afternoon


Time to get this month’s Album of the Month up and running, ready for you through thoughtful preparation for your keen anticipation. Co-conspirator Howie & I just got back from a two week camping tour of southwest national parks – pretty fantastic in itself. Now we are back on the dime.

This month we bring you The Green Pajamas, starring in Supernatural Afternoon. This is the 4th recent pretty colored vinyl LP from Jeff and crew put out on Sugarbush records in England – all limited edition small run stuff. We have a few copies available for you here at GMR as well as the download version, it is quite fantastic. The album itself is a collection of recent singles (mostly digital) and well as several unreleased tracks. And it’s purple. Super! Grab it while you can.

From Sugarbush Records: A brand new album from Seattle’s finest band, and certainly its most consistent – now releasing records for over 30 years. This is a singles (45s) sampler of sorts pulling together various single releases of the past twenty or so years. Starting with the sublime “January Girl” and stampeding through such classics as “Big Black Storm, “Raise Ravens” & ” The Red Red Rose” this album sounds like a cohesive work in its own right and stands as an ALBUM as opposed to a random selection of 45 tracks. Jeff Kelly’s work rate is astonishing and it is, frankly, criminal that a band with such sheer talent and genius is not feted around the world and playing to huge audiences. I am moved and amazed that Jeff keeps up such an incredibly high standard of work and one can only assume that, as an artist through and though he is somehow COMPELLED to do so. Lucky us, I say.
In the meanwhile tiny labels such as us are doing our bit to spread the music and at least release it on a format that will outlive all of us, so that future generations will pick this album up in a junk shop (isn’t that the best place for lost gems?) and discover it all for themselves all over again. There is not justice in this world but there is great music, and this IS great music. Buy it, only 300 copies (on purple wax, no less).

  1. January Girl The Green Pajamas 4:02
  2. Big Black Storm (Single Ver.) The Green Pajamas 2:38
  3. Who Is That Girl? (Ver. 2) The Green Pajamas 1:53
  4. Supernatural Afternoon The Green Pajamas 7:14
  5. The Jailer's Song The Green Pajamas 3:57
  6. Kill The Power The Green Pajamas 4:41
  7. Red Bird The Green Pajamas 3:50
  8. Ancient Lake The Green Pajamas 3:23
  9. The Red, Red Rose The Green Pajamas 4:33
  10. Raise Ravens The Green Pajamas 4:34


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The Green Pajamas – Supernatural Afternoon

Produced by Jeff Kelly

Mastered by Tom Dyer

Cover paintings by Susanne Kelly

Photos by Tom Cook and James Daywalker

All songs by Jeff Kelly except Ancient Lake by Eric Lichter

Shows! Shows! Shows!

Saturday Nov. 4, The Central – The Navins with Guns of Nevada.

Friday Nov. 17, 9 PM, Darrell’s Tavern – The FuzzThe Shaken Growlers &  Pops Spoiler & His Deadbeats

Yesterday I mastered what purports to be the final Green Pajamas album, Phantom Lake: Northern Gothic 3, which will appear in the new year. It is most fine. More about that soon.

Right now we are in the throes of preparing this year’s charity Xmas album and it has all the markings of being a fine and cheery beast. Or as they like to say, our best one yet! We also anticipate the release of the Brain Wizard’s debut in the early new year. Plus I have a couple projects up my sleeve I will tell you more about shortly.

See ya next month!

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